This is our mantra here at 5 Points Local, that we are inviting others to join us in adopting.... as we create a space centered around these three essentials to healthy bodies, minds and communities. Inspiring a community of intentional living and wellness thru yoga, local clean food and connection. 

As a restaurant,  we are locally owned and operated. Our farm-to-table menu is inspired by fresh local organic ingredients that are consciously sourced, high quality and gluten-free. Offering breakfast, lunch, weekend dinners, and brunch options that satisfy a variety of food allergies and diets including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and carnivores. Fresh cold pressed juices and seriously transcendent coffee (roasted by those incredibly cool guys down the road at Estate Coffee Co) will encourage guests to savor the day just a bit deeper when eating with friends, during the commute to work or while lingering over a great book in our lounge area. The door to our handsomly historic well-worn building here at 1017 N. Flores is open wide to a space where we support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Our food is prepared with LOVE!  Clean food draws the community together!


As a Yoga Studio, we believe that Yoga is for Everybody!  The schedule of classes encompasses a variety of yoga styles to fit the needs of our community. Our tree top loft style studio is an oasis within the city offering a space where we can strengthen and honor our mind, body, and spirit connection.  Teachers are hand picked for their knowledge, passion, creativity, and dedication to their craft. 

We are home to the first and only non-profit Esther Vexler Yoga School that is providing excellence in Yoga education to the people of San Antonio, and South Texas.


Lisa Asvestas, Owner 5 Points Local & The Cove Abby Johnson, Co-Founder & Owner 5 Points Local

Lisa Asvestas, Owner 5 Points Local & The Cove Abby Johnson, Co-Founder & Owner 5 Points Local